Instead of awesome, depending on the situation, you could use amazing, astonishing, astounding, awe-inspiring, breathtaking, brilliant, captivating, excellent, exceptional, exhilarating, exquisite, extraordinary, gorgeous,  impressive, incomparable, incredible, inimitable, luxurious, magnificent, majestic, miraculous, opulent, outstanding, overwhelming, phenomenal, rare, resplendent, riveting, sensational, spectacular, splendid, superior, superlative, superb, supreme, transcendent, tremendous, unbelievable, unprecedented, unsurpassed, or wonderful.

For cool, you might consider using alluring, ambitious, appealing, beautiful, clever, compelling, dazzling, delightful, distinguished, elaborate, elegant, enthusiastic, enticing, fascinating, fine, good, graceful, grand, great, handsome, ideal, imaginative, impressive, interesting, intriguing, lovely, memorable, nice, noteworthy, pleasant, precious, prodigious, radiant, refined, remarkable, soothing, special, stimulating, striking, stunning, surprising, touching, towering, uncommon, unusual and wild.

today, i had a dream that i was part of something incredible. that WW2 was backwards and the US took the opportunity to control the world with an iron fist. attempting to halt childhood creativity. i was working to get it back. the world was bleak but we were bringing it back to life. i was a part of something and it felt encouraging and uplifting

then i woke up and was still 3 weeks behind on my math homework

jazzy birthday post

remember what the doorknob told you

the relationships around me are being destroyed by my personal pit of sorrow, i find things in everyone around me that repels me from them. even my own mother. and here i blame the troubles on feeble things like drinks or weed. but is this an actually troubled time or have i just made it miserable in an attempt to gain pity from those i have not yet met? would it matter if i went through this misery? would it matter if i end it? taking the ladder is a selfish way to go and over such petty occurrences. wheres the good in this? where is there positivity in this emptiness? i see non and feel only hollow words from the onlookers of a situation that is out of control. while my mind continues to create events that will never happen, ideas that are only that, and happiness that will only remain locked away in the darkness inside my head

i feel beyond secondary, why bother telling me things only to not go through with it? if you dont realize it yet, im drifting away. i feel like something less than filler, like something that doesnt need to be there at all. i have no proof, other than your word(which atm seems frail), that i do indeed mean anything. if i really meant as much as you say i do, would there be a difference? is this how you treat those you are the most realistic with? by pushing them aside when things get clustered and crowded? there is little more than words that i have that says i mean anything more than the last person you blissfully walk by on the street. im drained, worn out and tired. if it continues like this, the effort i put in will be lost and i will have moved on. you say that im stuck with you, so do my parents and i cannot wait to put many miles between myself and their grasp. without me, youll have the support of everyone else that is more important. i am no longer needed, but if i am, i may need more than words as proof